I look up, i see no one. I look on the side, i see no one. Even within, i see no one. This is the kind of era we live in. There’s literary no one in our reach to look up to, Sad story!. Those who’ve gone ahead of us have failed, infact they have missed the mark by far such that they are now a bad example story, ‘usikue kama fulani’. Our peers are not yet there, neither do they seem to be heading anywhere close to that destination. As for me, I would be assured that i’ll make it if at all i had even just one person who’ve made it, to act as an encouragement.

‘Ifikie Wazazi’…na wakijua, Wataduu?? what if wanajua?. hehe, In my opinion i think this was a lot of social media noisemaking! I don’t think kids can get this far without parents (who are not absent) noticing even just a glimpse of it. Someone said ‘if you are weak in an area or have failed and never overcome it, you lose your moral authority in that area, such that you cannot correct anyone in such a matter. That is where the bond of contention is.

This ‘Ifikie wazazi story is just but an example. Children, teenagers and even youths do not have role models in adults anymore. If a child grows in a house where everyday is party time and boos fight for space in the fridge with his milk as toddler, then his sodas as a teenager-the next place will be in his glass disguised as juice during high school rebellious phase. Infact, this perticular one will not sneak out to go for ‘turn up’ or house parties because there will be one right in his room. The next thing you realize is an alcoholic-a rehab case right in your house. How sad!

Truth be told Adults have failed in being role models to the younger generation, from the way they act, the way they dress, the way they spend and even the way they talk. Some of parents to current teens are the likes that eloped and their parents only knew that you were married after they gave birth to your first daughter who is now this teen who is expected to behave right. The worst part is that granny keeps retelling this story as a bad example story, i mean! Do you expect to tell off such a teen, once you suspect that ‘she takes too long’ when you send her to run errands, or she has been ‘borrowing too many books’? The Bible says teach your child in the way they should be and when they grow they shall never depart from it. The ‘teaching’ here is not just for parents, it starts even before you have your own children, by you living a life that you’ll want your child to admire and even emulate. You don’t live for yourself but for your generation!

Do you know why all our parents were ‘position ones’, and only school fees made them miss university? In fact they even excelled without shoes on their feet, torn uniform and all the farm duties. They were all called to national schools, failed to attend due to lack of school fees, went to a day school, where they still excelled but joined the police force( like my own dad) or started a business due to lack of school fees for campus. This story is similar even for those you can tell clearly didn’t go beyond class 7 (KCPE level of those days). It all backfires on them the day you find their certificate. I wouldn’t support them using a lie to encourage us to study hard, but i understand their push for excellence among their children. It’s funny because we would end up working hard and performing just as our stagemanaged ‘heros’.

I remember seeing my mums black and white photos in her mini dresses and her nice Afro, i decided it was the end of her saying anything about my short or tight clothes. Thank God i don’t even like revealing clothes. Many young people wouldn’t want to be told What someone else did and backfired on them. Actually they think they are super human and they may get a different outcome. How many times have heard phrases like ‘that was you’ ‘this is my life’ ‘let me also try’ or ‘you enjoyed your life, let me also do so’. No matter how bad your burn looks, there will always be another young person who want to touch the fire.

Young people love to experiment, your word may not be enough. If you have a ‘bad example story’ they want to try the very same thing and see it fail. If you went to a party, didn’t wanna drink,but you got tricked and your drink was spiked and got raped. They will still want to try go for one expecting different results. They think probably you were just careless or it was just your unlucky day. ‘This things don’t always happen like this’ or ‘that was then’ or even ‘that was you’ those are responses you’ll often get.

Dont get me wrong, am not trying to judge anyone who may have messed up or may have had an ugly past. My point is, lets live lives that can be emulated. You don’t know who may be watching. Young people have destinies that you can help them protect or destroy. The Bible is very strict about the fate of those who make little ones to sin, it says that a stone should be hanged on their neck and thrown into the sea (Luke 17:2, Mark 9:42) .Let our action speak louder than our words when it comes to mentorship. Young people don’t listen to what you say, they look at what you do. So do it right!

I’ll leave you with this heavy words of legacy song we used to sing high school. May they all who come behind us find us faithful, may the power of our devotion light their way, may the footprints that we leave lead to believe and the life we leave inspire them to obey.



‘Know Your worth and Add tax on it’

I have seen people post this quote on social media a number of times. unfortunately in all the instances i found it missused. Normally, the quote is followed by a picture( am sorry fellow sisters, but in all my encounters it was by ladies) posing with a little bit too much focus on their ‘assets’.It got me thinking, Could it be that we do not know what our worth is?

I won’t pretend, i know how good it feels when sending this message to this ex that you want to feel that you are more worthy than he thought you were while ‘dumping’ you. The urge is greater when it’s a crush that saw you better as a friend and decided to friend zone you, after leading you on-cutting short your expectations. Sometimes it could even be a boyfriend who is undecided and you want to give a wake up call before he waste your time. In our morally decayed society, it could be a married ‘fisi’ colleague who think he could easily get a side chic. In worst cases it could be an old folk won’t stop pestering you with a ‘sponsorship’ offer thinking you are an easy target.

I got no problem at all with this message sent forth. My problem would be in our understanding of our worth. Allow me to narrow down my audience to us ladies. All the above are already the wrong people to attract in our lives, and if we fail to know where our worth is, we’ll keep attracting the same species from different families. The only difference would be their genetic make up…haha! What would you you expect from the same species?

It’s the high time our understanding of our worth shifted from the steepness of our ‘behind’, it not in the size of our hip line, neither is it in how beautiful our cleavage looks. How can that be in this socialite era? It’s not in our skin tone, while River Road exist, it can’t be in the inches of our Brazilian weave or in our perfect faces while foundation can perfectly serve it’s purpose, and photo editors never disappoint. It can’t be in how our body con fits when cosets are easily available.

So where is our worth? allow me to go to the Bible.1Cor 6:19-20 “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? 20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s”

We belong to God, and we are so worthy because we neither belong to any man nor to ourselves, but to the only creator of heaven and earth. You are so worthy that God had to give His only begotten son, who before then was seated with Him on Throne. He had to lower Him a little lower than the angels, and allow Him to come die for you. You are so worthy that because of you, God forsook His own son, got separeted from Him and allowed Him to bear pain and shame. Because of how worthy you are, His blood was shed, He was bruised, accused and sput on. Does this make you feel precocious?

This worth superceed the money you spend on salon, your beauty regime, sass, glam and class. It’s the worth that is within and cannot dimish with age or circumstance. It can never be taken away from you. It’s free of charge and eternal.

People can break you but never make you Worthless. You got Christ-worth. The next time you want to exhibit your worth don’t pose seductively, pull up scriptures. You can add tax on it,

insurance, interest and even a Tithe! Haha!



Growing up i thought being plum was the in thing. I have always been a tall skinny girl, right from when i was little. This was expected, having be born by a slim mother and a father who was a good definition of a TDH(fit enough to be cop).

I remember being so skinny that most of my pants were what we call ‘don’t touch ‘, a common phrase for pants that do not reach the soul of my feet. This is simply because most of those that were long enough were too buggy for me. This was the case all through my childhood towards my early teenage. I used to think i had an issue(like cursed). I remember even keeping very high hygiene because i thought being hygienic would boost my body weight ( i was blonde and desperate to gain weight)

It was not until i went to highschool and form 2 happened. Well, for many teens if you are keen this is where grades go down and weight come, for some it come with identity crises since there is a new body size (sometimes shape) which is unexpected and you have to adjust to and learn to dress it..haha.

Personally i realised that my weight increase was as a result of stress due to the ‘poor’ grades(they were not thaaat bad). This went on till few years into campus since i didn’t even like my form four grade that much- i had always wanted to get a straight A, which was less with a few grades. Of course people spoke, and made a fuss about it. Many are the times i would be told to work on it. I cared less, i remembered being skinny and being bothered with it, i wasn’t going to be bothered about having added a little weight too.

Fast forward am in my third year and now people start talking again, ‘umecut’…meaning you’ve lost weight, am eating enough, no exercise, no dieting or anything of the sort. One year later its serious because i was now the most skinny in the family yet am the tallest, haha. At some point i even got ‘usicut tena’ and even ‘try kugipea statue’ funny! No one have absolute control to the way they weigh.

It will surprise you that when i did an exclusive body check up the other day, i was told that my BMI is okay, my blood pressure is fine among many other things…funny enough, i have to skip a bit, trek or jog coz apparently i have excessive body fats(whatever they called it)

This isn’t just about me! it’s about anyone who has been told you are too fat or too skinny or too dark or too light. There is a body size for every season if you find yourself size 8 enjoy being petite and rock all the skinny jeans and shorts. Well if you are blessed to be a plus size seasonally for life time, it is not bad either curves are beautiful. You will never be good enough for Everyone. Just do you, be you be be-YOU-ti-full.